B2B SEO Strategy: Part 3

By C Midwinter Hi again, folks. It’s time for Part 3 of B2B SEO Strategy. Last time, we were doing some competition analysis. When […]

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 1

By C Midwinter I hate fluff, so I’ll get straight to the point: doing SEO on keywords you’ve never tested is an unnecessary risk, […]

Funny Picture

Funny Picture – One of My favorites …

Electric Guitar Shredding

This company sells shredding equipment for everything … ie bowling balls, volkswagens, furniture, etc + guitars It’s worth a minute to watch …

B2B SEO Strategy: Part 2

By C Midwinter Alright, we’re back with Part 2 of the B2B SEO Strategy Guide. Last time (B2B SEO Strategy: Part 1) we talked […]

Love it

We didn’t use this … but man what a great shot!

SMA Blog Fun

This could become our band’s image … I just thought it was funny and looks like the real deal.