Who was the most unfortunate person in history of mankind?

willspring55, December 22, 2014

By N Hodgson

I’ve always liked the story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi who I consider both one of the luckiest AND unluckiest men in history.

Yamaguichi was a resident of Nagasaki who was visiting Hiroshima on business on the morning of August 6th 1945 – where he experienced (and survived) the atomic bomb dropped on the city at 8:15 am.  Yamaguichi was injured but never-the-less returned home to Nagasaki where he returned to work on the morning on August 9th 1945 – just in time to experience the second atomic bomb.

He survived again.

Hence he is the luckiest man in history (survived two Atomic bombs) and unluckiest man in history (had two atomic bombs dropped on him).

He actually lived for many years after the war, passing away only a few years ago in 2010.

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