B2B Marketing: 11 Effective Email Tips

willspring55, December 1, 2014

By K O’Connell

Get the most out of your email marketing campaigns for your company. Here are a few tips, ideas and techniques.

1.) I sent marketing emails out early in the morning. The reason for that is because the majority, if not 90% of email marketing messages are opened the same day that they are sent.

2.) I recommend keeping the subject lines no more than 8 to 12 words. The reason for that is because you have to keep it very concise and keep in mind that there’s only a certain amount of space available within the inbox for your subject line.

3.) Tips, tricks and best practices are often a great way to catch a reader’s attention.

4.) You should have a mixture of images and text within the body of your email, the reason for this is because not everyone downloads images within an email.

5.) You should have 3 to 4 links within your email for 1 to 2 paragraphs of copy. You don’t wanna have too many links because spam filters could pick up your email as spam if your ratio of links to copy is too high.

6.) So if you want your email to have some visual appeal, I recommend using an image. The image can also have a text URL behind it so it can be a clickable image but that’s a great way to add a visual appeal to your email rather than changing up the font or changing up the color.

7.) Don’t be afraid to mail the same content to your recipients more than once. If you’re going to do this just make sure that you’re changing the value proposition, the subject line, the copy and even the template.

8.) Your email copy shouldn’t be no longer than 2 paragraphs and maybe 8 sentences.

9.) You should also make sure that your headline stands out. When someone opens up your email, they’ll look at the headline, they scan your copy and then they look at the call to action. So it’s really important that your first sentence, last sentence, headline and call to action are very visible and easy to find.

10.) Your body copy should be no more than 2 short paragraphs of copy.

11.) The call to action within your email is very important. A good call to action is something like “read more” or “learn more”, so that the person knows that if they click the email, they’re gonna be able to read more about the business solution.

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