Ever wanted a hobbit hole in your backyard?

willspring55, October 9, 2014

Hobbit Hole

By E Koehl

Five years ago, a Maine family set out to bring a unique twist to playhouses and chicken coops. Today, their business building hobbit holes has spread nationally.

The family business, Wooden Wonders, employs eight workers and each hobbit hole has unique curved walls and round doors, made from material right in Maine.

Owner Rocy Pillsbury is the talented designer and craftsman that makes these products using his woodworking skills. These hand-crafted cedar and pine wood playhouses can be used as chicken coops, storage shed, pig barn or even a sauna room.

Watch the video above to see examples of these incredible structures.

Rocy’s wife, Melissa Pillsbury, says this year they’ve sold about 200 hobbit holes and some to people hundreds of miles away. However, they like to keep the business ties close to Maine.

“We source all of our materials from local vendors. Most of the wood is harvested here in Maine. We put our own blood sweat and tears into every hobbit hole we ship. It’s much different than buying something in a box from a store,” says Melissa.

These hobbit holes are a hit at home too. The Pillsbury’s two young boys, Max and Richard, give the family business a big thumbs up. The boys participate in the family business by making sure the hobbit holes stand up to their guarantee

The company offers the unique opportunity for a customer to assemble the hobbit hole themselves or have a customized product delivered.

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