Top 10 Tech This Week

By C White 1. Personal Killer Whale Submarine Seabreacher Y not only looks like a 17-foot killer whale, it acts like one too. But […]

Speaker Directs Sound Like a Laser Beam

By S Kessler You can already buy a special kind of loudspeaker that directs sound with the precision a flashlight beam. These gadgets can […]

US Factory Output Rose Modestly in February

By D Wagner U.S. factories stepped up production in February for the third straight month, helping the economy recover and driving the best job […]

Re-Engineering Presentation Skills

By T Louw You are attending a Presentation Skills training workshop. For most, this conjures up “eye contact”, “voice modulation”, and “gestures” – great […]

Four-Legged Cheetah Robot Breaks Speed Record

Boston Dynamics’ four-footed Cheetah robot recently set a new land speed record for legged robots by galloping at 18 miles per hour. The previous […]

27 of History’s Strangest Inventions

By M Popova If you can’t deliver the newspaper on your amphibious bicycle, you can always fax it. “If at first an idea is […]

Marketing is a Habit

Habits are very strange and powerful things. They drive our everyday routines and teach us, often subconsciously how to feel and react to the […]

Online Content to Influences Industrial Buyers throughout the Buying Cycle

Industrial businesses today must use various forms of online content—from ads and news releases to case studies, catalogs and product demos—to reach and influence […]

CRM Metrics for B2B Marketers

By E Gagnon   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as those offered by, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and others, are revolutionizing the sales process […]

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

A top notch SEO services company can spell the magic for your triumphant business. The major reason behind the tremendous growth of the Search […]