CRM Buyer’s Kit: Everything You Need to Know When Buying a CRM

By R Serpa The CRM industry is projected to be a $36 billion market by 2017, and with more than 350 CRMs now available, […]

DUDYE » Get into Action: 77 Thoughts on Motivation

You have a fire inside you, a frictional energy, read these thoughts, think about them and let them propel you into action. 1. “I […]

Look Ma, no hands! No steering wheel needed under new Calif. car rules

By E Weise A new poll from AAA finds that Americans fear riding in a self-driving car, or even alongside one. Under newly proposed […]

Dubai Plans a Taxi That Skips the Driver, and the Roads

The New York Times reports that Dubai Roads and Transport Authority Director General Mattar Al Tayer said that the city will “spare no effort to launch” […]

This Exceptional 32-Year-Old Can Speak 56 Languages Fluently

By Spooky It’s not unusual for youth nowadays to speak more than one language, but 32-year-old Muhamed Mešić is not your typical polyglot. He can […]

Photographing a Black Hole: Historic Campaign Now Underway

By M Wall A computer-simulation view of a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy. The edge of the black central region […]

Borrow My Tradeshow Checklist…

Recently, we did something kind of crazy here at Springer…   We decided to take everything we do… EVERYTHING… and document them into a […]

The Perfect Swarm: Drones Descend on Manufacturing

By J Hitch Fitted with super processors and advanced sensors, industrial drones are locked and loaded, ready to bring speed and efficiency to new […]

Old Haulers: Some really cool vehicles here

The AMPware case lets you charge your iPhone with the turn of a crank

By K Becker Some unique and interesting ways of keeping smartphones and other gadgets charged while traveling or living off the grid appeared in recent […]